Help! My Roomba got wet!

Help! My Roomba got wet!

So, you’re probably not going to tell me HOW your Roomba got wet, but It’s a well known fact that iRobot, the company that owns the Roomba brand name does NOT want moisture anywhere near a Roomba. If the Roomba gets a little wet it’s probably not a huge issue, but is there anything you can do if it gets really wet? This is my second in my “Help!” series of blog posts about common robotic vacuum problems and what the best solutions are.Roomba gets wet

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What’s the best Roomba for pet hair?

When pet hair attacks! Which is the best Roomba for pet hair?

which is the best roomba for pet hair?

Pet hair can be one of the hardest things to get out of your carpet, especially for a smaller vacuum like the iRobot Roomba. Choosing the best roomba for pet hair can be a daunting task but it’s worth it. Our pets are some of the most beloved members of our family but sometimes it can be a huge chore to clean up after a shedding dog or cat. Having pet dander around your house can be a huge trigger for your allergies. If only there was a way to clean up after your pet hair with minimal fuss.

I’m here to help you choose the best Roomba for your pet. Take my advice here, and your floors will be cleaner and your air will be cleaner, all without a ton of extra work. What can be better than a happy pet in a happy home?

I’m comparing all of the “Official best Roomba for Pet Hair” models, plus the Roomba 980. The Roomba 980 is the “top of the line” and it handles pet hair extremely well. Read through all of the mini-reviews, or just scroll down to the end to see which Roomba that I think is the best Roomba for pet hair.

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Help! My Roomba goes in circles!

What to do if your Roomba just goes in circles.

Roomba goes in circles

No, your Roomba doesn’t have a mind of it’s own, nor is it tipsy from having too much to drink. When your roomba goes in circles you might think it’s broken, or think it’s going crazy! Ok, so it might not be going crazy but it could be broken… If you want to find out more, read on…

I’m a pretty regular reader and contributor over at the robot reviews forums and this problem comes up very often. It’s not happened to me yet but it’s happened to so many people, and I’ve read so much about it that I feel that a blog post is warranted.

Usually this happens to older Roomba models, mostly the 500 series. The 500 series is really old, and if this is what you have, you should think about buying a new Roomba. The 600 series is pretty economical, and doesn’t have this issue as often as the 500 series Roomba. The Amazon link below has the best price you can find anywhere on a new Roomba, so if you’re interested in a great deal, definitely click that button!

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Bobsweep Vs. Roomba – Can the bObi compare?

Bobsweep vs. Roomba – Can the Bobsweep bObi compare to the iRobot Roomba 980?

“I have a bObsweep that keeps my living room and kitchen clean when I’m working”. Mention this while at work or out with your friends and you’re going to get some very strange looks. “What? What’s a bobsweep? Like a magic broom or something?”. Say “I love that my Roomba keeps my house clean while I’m not around”, and you’ll get some questions about it, some people who have a Roomba will agree with you, and others will ask you where you bought it and how much it costs.

Can a relatively unknown company leave it’s mark in the robotic vacuum industry, or even topple Roomba, the champion? Is bObsweep a viable Roomba alternative?

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Roomba Error Codes. What to do when you encounter them

Roomba error codes and what to do about them.

Nobody likes it when an expensive piece of equipment fails – Especially one that has the important job of keeping your floorsclean like the Roomba. Fortunately not all error codes are a big deal, and I’ll show you what you need to know to fix them. A lot of the time you won’t have to replace any parts or put any money into your RoombaRoomba Error Codes

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Is a Roomba Worth It?

Question: Is a Roomba Worth It?Is a Roomba Worth It?

You have probably seen all of the commercials and youtube videos and you’re wondering… Is a Roomba worth it? I won’t lie, it’s a really big investment for some people and a Roomba is not right for every person out there.

Other than picturing yourself with a cool new toy, let’s ponder a few things to help you decide for yourself whether a Roomba is worth the money.

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Neato vs. Roomba: Robotic Vacuum showdown

Neato vs. Roomba: Robotic Vacuum Showdown


Neato vs. Roomba: Roomba 980Talk about robotic vacs and the first name brand that will pop into your mind is the iRobot Roomba. In fact, you’re probably reading this website because you’re interested in buying a Roomba or you’re curious whether you should consider a Roomba alternative or not.

iRobot has more well known models of robotic vacuums than any other brand has. There are Roombasfor pet hair, different types of rooms, and budget models that are priced affordably but without a lot of extra features that make the more expensive models pricier. At the time of this writing iRobot has already released nearly 20 Roomba models. It’s going to be hard to top that.
Neato Vs. Roomba: Neato Botvac Connected

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