iLife Model Comparison – Which is the best value?

iLife robotic vacuum models compared

If you been doing a bunch of research on iLife robotic vacuums and have found that they’re a great robotic vacuum at a cheap price, you’ve come to the right place. iLife robotic vacuums are a great alternative to the more expensive iRobot Roomba brand. Roomba is still the better robot, as you can see in our iLife vs. Roomba article.  All things considered, for those looking to save a lot of money iLife is the best brand of “cheap” robotic vacuum.

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iLife vs. Roomba – Which has more bang for the buck?

iLive Vs Roomba – Which robotic vacuum brand is better for your money?

Roomba 860

If you’re thinking about buying a robotic vacuum but don’t want to throw down a fistful of cash just to get your rooms clean and have some cool looking new gadgets, you have come to the right place. Robotic Vacs has a tradition of comparing and contrasting different brand names of robotic vacuums to help you get the most for your money

Traditionally, we have written reviews on iRobot Roomba vacuums but lately, we have been impressed by a new, cheaper brand of robotic vacuum called iLife. iLife offers nice robotic vacuums at a fraction of the price of most models that iRobot Roomba has to offer.

This article is meant to steer you, the buyer, toward being informed before parting with your hard earned money. As we review more iLife vacuums, this article will be updated with more and more information.

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iLife A6 Review – A great budget vacuum

iLife A6 Review – How does the iLife A6 compare to Roomba and other Robotic Vacuums?

It’s been a while since Robotic Vacs has reviewed a robotic vacuum other than one made by iRobot. The reasoning behind that decision is that the cheaper vacuums are usually “dumb” compared to the Roomba or Neato Botvac, and you usually get what you pay for.

Is the iLife A6 any different? What are the compromises, and is it a good robotic vacuum for your money? Read on for our iLife A6 review to find the answers to these questions and more… iLife A6 Review

iLife A6 First impressions

If you’ve read some of our other articles you’ll see that we’re a huge fan of iRobot Roomba, and that we usually steer potential buyers toward purchasing a Roomba. The reason for that is the level of customer satisfaction can’t be matched with many of the other offerings on the market.

A new challenger emerges though, and it’s iLife. iLife is a Chinese company that offers decent robotic vacuums and a very cheap price. With the mantra “decent at a budget price” in mind, let’s see what the iLife A6 has to offer.

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