Roomba 890 Review – a great budget vacuum with wifi

Roomba 890 Review – What does the Roomba 890 have that other robotic vacuums don’t?

One thing that I’ve always been wishing for is a wifi connected Roomba that’s Roomba 890not almost $1000.00. I love the mid-level Roomba models such as the Roomba 860. These Roomba models are wonderful performers but as we use these, and review them, we’re often left asking “Why no wifi?”. It seems strange that $50 home thermostats can have wifi, but my new, expensive robotic vacuum can not?

With the Roomba 890, we now have a mid-level priced robotic vacuum WITH wifi. Until now you would have to choose between a very expensive Roomba 980 with wifi or a Mid level model such as the 860 without wifi. This is HUGE and a long time coming. Does the Roomba 890 fill the need of being both wifi connected and an excellent vacuum cleaner? Read the rest of our review to find out…

Roomba 890 First Impressions

Upon our first look at the Roomba 890, I notice that iRobot hasn’t changed much in the terms of form factor. It looks a lot like the Roomba 880, but the color is a little bit different. I think that it looks nice, not too “futuristic” like some robot vacuums look. The pictures speak for themselves:

Roomba 890 Review – New features

The Roomba 890 doesn’t really have any “new” features compared to the Roomba models that are already popular. I was hoping to find some new bells and whistles on this new Roomba model but sadly, this robot is more about the price and wifi connection than it is about having new features.

The neatest feature for me personally is that it connects with Amazon’s Echo product so that I can control the Roomba with voice commands. This won’t be important to those who don’t have an Amazon Echo so for these people the Wi-Fi app is going to be the best new feature.

Being able to connect to wifi and the ability to use an app or Amazon Echo isn’t Roomba 890 Reviewexclusive to just this Roomba. At the time of this writing the Roomba 980, 960 and the 690 are also able to take advantage of app and echo control. Right now, the Roomba 690 is the cheapest one but we haven’t had a chance to get our hands on one for a closer look.

This Roomba comes with a Virtual Wall like many of the other newer Roomba models do.

Roomba 890 review – Pros

The best thing that the 890 has going for it is the price for the ability to control via the app. This is pretty huge, as previously the only model of Roomba that has the ability to use the app was the 980. The trend of using rubber tangle-free brushes instead of bristle brushes continues with the Roomba 890. We’ve tried both and we’ll never go back to the old fashioned bristle brushes because they’re not good for pet hair. This Roomba is pretty good for pet hair.

Roomba 890 review – Cons

It feels like iRobot has skimped a little bit in several areas in order to get the wifi connection ability at this price range. The Roomba 890 only has 60 minutes of run time, which is only half of the total runtime of the Roomba 980.

The Roomba 960 has better specs than this Roomba, is only $200 more and boasts a longer run time 75 minutes. The 960 also has multi room cleaning and recharge, and resume while this model does is missing those features. If you’re interested in learning more about this better vacuum, check out our Roomba 960 Review

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Alternatives to Roomba 890

We would recommend the Roomba 960 as an alternative to the Roomba 890. The Roomba 960 is superior to the Roomba 890 in many ways and is only a couple hundred dollars more which puts it in about the same price range.


We think it’s great that iRobot is coming out with Wifi connected Roomba models that target the budget-minded consumer. In our opinion, the Roomba 890 comes very close to hitting that sweet spot of low price and a medium-sized feature set.

The Roomba 890 is a good robotic vacuum, but it’s not a great robotic vacuum. We recommend the Roomba 960 instead of this vacuum because the 960 has many more features for a marginal price increase.

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