iLife Model Comparison – Which is the best value?

iLife robotic vacuum models compared

If you been doing a bunch of research on iLife robotic vacuums and have found that they’re a great robotic vacuum at a cheap price, you’ve come to the right place. iLife robotic vacuums are a great alternative to the more expensive iRobot Roomba brand. Roomba is still the better robot, as you can see in our iLife vs. Roomba article.  All things considered, for those looking to save a lot of money iLife is the best brand of “cheap” robotic vacuum.

iLife is new robotic vacuum company from China. They put out a good quality product but seem to release a new model every other month while the more established brands, iRobot (Roomba) and Neato Robotics seem to release a new robotic vacuum once or twice a year. The sheer amount of models and the frenzied release of new products into the marketplace makes it hard for you to compare iLife models to decide which one is the best for you.

With this iLife model comparison you will have all the knowledge you need to choose the right robotic vacuum that fits your needs and your budget. No more guesswork, and no more confusion. We lay it all out for you right here.


iLife v3s

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iLife a4s

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iLife v5s

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iLife a6

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Avg. Rating4/54.544.5
FeaturesAuto Dock + Recharge. Good for pet hair.
Dry mop for hard floors.
3-step cleaning
Auto dock + Recharge
Auto Dock + Recharge.
Wet mop and deep cleaning for hard floors
Multiple cleaning modes
CyclonePower 3-stage system
Auto Dock + Recharge
Great battery
Run Time90-110 Mins120-140 Mins90-110 Mins160 Mins
Tangle-Free Brush✔️
HEPA filter✔️✔️✔️✔️

iLife v3s

iLife v3s Robotic Vacuum

The ilife v3 is the cheapest robotic vacuum compared to the other iLife models on the market right now. Cheapest doesn’t always mean the best, but it may still be good enough for you. The v3s has a shorter cleaning time than most recent iLife models, but will still do a pretty decent job cleaning your carpets.

The iLife v3s will do a few different cleaning modes: Spot Mode, edge mode, and auto. The spot and edge modes are pretty self-explanatory, auto just seems to bump into your furniture until it covers your entire space. The robot is a little “dumber” than a Neato or Roomba. The more expensive brands map out your space and figure out how to clean it in the most efficient way possible. The iLife v3s doesn’t do that.

The iLfe v3s doesn’t work that well on carpet. If you have a lot of carpet, you should NOT purchase this vacuum, and instead opt for the iLife a4s or the a6. The one thing that saves this bot from being in the “miserable” category is that it can dry mop hardwood floors. There are not too many robotic vacuums that have a vacuum AND mopping action.

Want to save a bunch of money, and don’t really care how long it takes your robotic vacuum to finish the job? Have a lot of hardwood floors and barely any carpet? This is the robot that fits your budget.

Best Price for the iLife v3s Here

iLife a4s

iLife a4s

The iLife a4s is a step up in functionality from the iLife v3s. When we compare these iLife models, we see that the a4s has a “max cleaning mode”. Max cleaning mode does a much better job than the v3s simple “auto” mode, in that it picks up more and faster. The a4s has been updated with better software to clean your space faster than the a3.

The iLife a3s has problems on carpet, and compared to the a3s, the iLife a4s does a much better job on shorter carpet but still chokes on shag carpets. If you have a lot of short carpet, you don’t have to worry, the a4s does a fine job with it.

The run-time has been improved in the iLife a4. You get 120 minutes of run time between charges, and compared to the 90-100 minutes you get with the a3s, this is a good thing. You’ll get a longer lasting battery with the a4s, which means that it will last longer than the earlier model.

The iLife a4s is still not as good as the iLife a6, which we review here. The a4s is a capable vacuum though, at a lower price than the a6. Like the iLife a6, we were impressed with how quiet that the iLife a4s is.

Best Price For the iLife a4s Here

iLife v5s

iLife v5s

The iLife v5s is a completely different creature when it comes to robotic vacuums. In comparison to other iLife models, this robotic vacuum is more of a “robotic mop”. It will do your carpets, but it won’t do a great job of them. The mopping function works very well though, it’s a full wet mop, which means that it deeps cleans your hardwood floors!

If you have carpets to clean, save your money and buy a different iLife model instead. I always suggest the a6 if that’s in your budget. If you have nothing but tile and hardwood floors, with little to no carpet, this thing kicks butt! It’ll vacuum up the dust and debris from your floors and wet mop them.

Best Price For the iLife v5s Here


iLife a6

iLife A6

The final iLife model that we’re looking at in this iLife model comparison is the iLife a6. The a6 has a bunch of improvements over the earlier models and even a few over the a4s.

The biggest improvement to the a6 compared to other iLife models is the new CyclonePower 3-stage cleaning system. It does a much better job of cleaning on auto mode than the a4. The battery gives you an incredible 160 minutes of run-time, which is better than any robotic vacuum on the market right now.

iLife has caught on to iRobot’s trend of using tangle-free brushes on the a6. The new brushes are made of rubber instead of using bristles and they’re much nicer to maintain. The old bristle type brushes need to be cleaned a LOT. More than we are willing to clean them so in this day and age, we recommend getting a robotic vacuum with a rubber agitating brush.

The a6 is pricer than the other models, but still cheaper than a Roomba 650. These days we’re recommending this bot over the trusty old Roomba 650 because you get a lot more for your money.

Best Price For the iLife a6 Here

iLife Model Comparison: Conclusion

With so many iLife models entering the market right now, I hope that this iLife model comparison has given you the ability to choose your new iLife robotic vacuum. When we first started research on the iLife models, we were just as confused as you are.

iLife robotic vacuums can be compared like this:

  • If you have a very small budget and very short or very little carpet – Get the iLife a3s.
  • Want to save a few dollars and have more carpet than hardwood floors? – The iLife a4s is your robot.
  • If you have no carpet, and all tile/hardwood – Get the iLife a5s. It’ll even mop your floors for you.
  • If you have carpets and want the very best robot that requires the least maintenance, go wth the iLife a6.

If you use our amazon link below you will find the very best prices on all of these robotic vacuums:
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  1. Is the A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Ultra Slim with Electro Stair Barrier good on hardwood floors with carpet runners and 8 x 10 carpets?

    • Hi Lyn,

      As long as your carpets are not very thick shag carpets it should work just fine. The a6 doesn’t have any problems transitioning over thresholds from hardwood to carpet.


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