iLife vs. Roomba – Which has more bang for the buck?

iLive Vs Roomba – Which robotic vacuum brand is better for your money?

Roomba 860

If you’re thinking about buying a robotic vacuum but don’t want to throw down a fistful of cash just to get your rooms clean and have some cool looking new gadgets, you have come to the right place. Robotic Vacs has a tradition of comparing and contrasting different brand names of robotic vacuums to help you get the most for your money

Traditionally, we have written reviews on iRobot Roomba vacuums but lately, we have been impressed by a new, cheaper brand of robotic vacuum called iLife. iLife offers nice robotic vacuums at a fraction of the price of most models that iRobot Roomba has to offer.

This article is meant to steer you, the buyer, toward being informed before parting with your hard earned money. As we review more iLife vacuums, this article will be updated with more and more information.

iLife vs. Roomba – Price

One of  the biggest issues facing those who are interested in buying a iLife vacuum is price. iLife offers a lot of robotic vacuums at a very low price, and that’s compelling to buyers since Roomba robotic vacuums seem to be so much more expensive. iLife vacuums can be had for the low $100 range , while the cheapest Roomba, the Roomba 650, is around $300.

That’s quite the price difference, and if price is the biggest issue, then iLife would be your choice. If features and better navigation are what you’re looking for, then you may want to go for the cheapest Roomba.

View iLife Current Prices

View Roomba Current Prices

iLife vs. Roomba – Features

iLife A6Hands down, iRobot Roomba will give you the best navigation of any robotic vacuum we’ve tried. Roomba gets the the job done more quickly for you, and without slamming into furniture and walls. Roomba is the winner when it comes to navigation and will make you a happy customer.

The iLife WILL get the job done  but it will take a little longer and have to bump into more things to complete it’s tasks.

Feature for feature, Roomba wins unless you’re comparing specific models of vacuum between brands. Right now, iLife A6, which is the high-end model beats the Roomba 650 and it has a better price. See our iLife A6 Review here.




iLife vs. Roomba – Battery Life

The battery life on the iLife A6 impressed us so much that it’s made us recommend the A6 over certain Roomba models. Right now iLife’s best model gives you 260 minutes of battery runtime while the very best Roomba model only gives you 120 minutes.

If battery runtime is a big concern of yours, you should get the iLife A6, as it’s Lithium Ion battery is the best we’ve seen.

iLife vs Roomba model comparison

Here’s a chart that showcases a few of the cheap robotic vacuums from Roomba and iLife. This chart should help you make an informed buying decision.


iLife A4s

iLife A6

Roomba 650

Roomba 860
Features3-step cleaning
Auto dock + Recharge
CyclonePower 3-stage system
Auto Dock + Recharge
Great battery
Excellent reputation
The most popular roomba
Great Basic Robotic Vacuum with great features, good battery
Run Time120 Mins160 MinsShorterLonger
Tangle Free Brush✔️✔️
HEPA Filter✔️✔️✔️


Final Words

We’re really impressed with both of these robotic vacuum companies. Which gives you more for the money? That all depends on whether you can life with a “dumber” navigation. If it were up to us, we would choose the iLife A6 over the Roomba 650 for a low budget vacuum.

If you’re able to afford a couple hundred dollars more, the Roomba 860 is a perfect vacuum cleaner at a decent price.

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