iLife A6 Review – A great budget vacuum

iLife A6 Review – How does the iLife A6 compare to Roomba and other Robotic Vacuums?

It’s been a while since Robotic Vacs has reviewed a robotic vacuum other than one made by iRobot. The reasoning behind that decision is that the cheaper vacuums are usually “dumb” compared to the Roomba or Neato Botvac, and you usually get what you pay for.

Is the iLife A6 any different? What are the compromises, and is it a good robotic vacuum for your money? Read on for our iLife A6 review to find the answers to these questions and more… iLife A6 Review

iLife A6 First impressions

If you’ve read some of our other articles you’ll see that we’re a huge fan of iRobot Roomba, and that we usually steer potential buyers toward purchasing a Roomba. The reason for that is the level of customer satisfaction can’t be matched with many of the other offerings on the market.

A new challenger emerges though, and it’s iLife. iLife is a Chinese company that offers decent robotic vacuums and a very cheap price. With the mantra “decent at a budget price” in mind, let’s see what the iLife A6 has to offer.

A first look and review of the iLife A6 boasts many powerful features. A quick look at some of the stand-out feature are:

iLife A6 look and feel

The color and overall style of the iLife A6 reminds me of the Roomba 650. It’s tempered glass top is much nicer though, and will be easy to clean up, as robotic vacuums tend to get very dusty over time. I really love the look of the iLife A6. One weird thing about the style that I don’t understand is that the word “beetles” appears on it in small lettering. Apparently, beetles is the nickname of the A6. Kind of strange, but doesn’t take away that much from how nice it looks.

iLife A6 Cleaning System

CyclonePower 3-stage system
This seems to be iLife’s similar offering to the Roomba’s Aeroforce 3 stage system. CyclonePower boasts enhanced agitation of carpet, and dirt extraction. There are side brushes on the iLife A6, which is nice, since many other high end robotic vacuums feature side brushes.

The literature boasts a 10x suction power, but I’m not sure what the 10x is in comparison to. What I do know is that it has a pretty good suction and somehow the cleaning system manages keep the filter from clogging. The A6 also has rubber brushes which means that you won’t be pulling hair out of bristle brushes like those found on many budget robotic vacuums.

iLife A6 Review – Battery Life

Wow… That’s all I can say. The battery on the iLife A6 is simply amazing. Where most robotic vacuums will need a recharge at around 90 minutes, the A6 goes for well over 2 hours. Battery life is important, as less recharge cycles will extend the life of your vacuum and save you money. If battery life is a major concern for you, then you’ll be very happy with the iLife A6 battery.

iLife A6 Review – Cleaning Modes

The iLife A6 comes with a remote, with which you can run programs, spot clean, and set to start and stop at certain times. This to me is not as impressive as the iRobot Roomba programming and navigation tech, but it is as good or better than everything else at this price. The remote is acceptable quality and the programming works acceptably and as expected. iLife A6 - Underneath

iLife A6 Review – Specs

Here’s the boring part. But to some of you, who love specs, you will love this.

Color: Piano Black
Dimensions: 310mmx72mm
Cleaning System: CyclonePower 3-stage
Cleaning Modes: Auto, Spot, Edge, Daily Schedule
Extraction Brush Type: Rubber
Runtime: 160 minutes
Charge Time: <300 minutes
Battery: Lithium Ion 2600mAH
Virtual Wall: Yes
Return to Dock To Recharge: Yes

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iLife A6 Pros

  • The Battery – the 2600mAH lithium battery provides a long runtime, and many budget robotic vacuums have an inferior NiMH battery.
  • This vacuum is very quiet. Compared to the loud roar of a Neato Botvac or even the growl of a Roomba I’m amazed at how this thing can clean so well and stay so quiet
  • Edge mode works pretty well. The A6 works harder than it’s predecessor, the iLife A4, to clean edges of carpet
  • The rubber, bristle-free brush is nice. Usually this feature is found on more expensive robotic vacuums.
  • HEPA filter, great for people with allergies to dust and pets.
  • Virtual wall – This keeps the bot out of areas that you don’t want it in. This is a feature common to Roomba, and is a nice thing to have.
  • HEPA filter now has an additional filter on it for added filtration of dust. the additional filter works so well that barely any dust even gets onto the HEPA filter.

iLife A6 Cons

  • The biggest negative of the iLife A6 is the navigation system. It simply is not up to par with what Roomba has to offer.
  • This vacuum has trouble going over thresholds and transition strips where wood meets carpet. This is a big deal to some, not a big deal to me because I don’t have many in my home.

The Verdict and Final Thoughts

This robot is simply amazing for the price. The cleaning system is great, it’s quiet, while providing plenty of suction and also has a HEPA filter. The only real drawback is the navigation system that is not as smart as a $500 Roomba. The bot finds it’s way around your space by bumping into things, while more intelligent navigation systems will map out your home. This is not a deal breaker, though especially for the price.

Should you buy the iLife A6? My answer is that if you’re looking for a budget robotic vacuum then this is the one. It’s better than all of the others at this price point, much quieter, and has an awesome battery. Compared to the Roomba 650, the iLife A6 is a better value and you get more for your money.

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