Help! My Roomba keeps getting stuck

What to do if your Roomba keeps getting stuck

Roomba is designed to zoom around and under things and while this works perfectly for the vast majority of people, sometimes your Roomba gets stuck no matter what you try to do to fix the problem. If you want to get your Roomba out of the La Brea Tarpits, read on…

The Problem

For the vast majority of people, a Roomba is the perfect size to either flow under and around furniture, cabinets, and other household items, or avoid them completely. But sometimes the furniture or cabinetry in your house is the perfect size for Roomba to get wedged underneath. Last thing you want to see when you come home is a dirty floor and a sad looking Roomba wedged underneath your favorite chair!

Why it happens

Roombas have a bumper sensor that can tell when it hits something. The bumper sensor will tell Roomba to avoid that obstacle, but there are times that the sensor isn’t activated and Roomba will continue along under a tightly fitting ledge or furniture piece, and it just so happens that the height is just perfect (or imperfect if you’re feeling negative) enough to NOT activate the bumper sensor, and wedge Roomba in a spot that makes it stuck there.


The easiest fix is to take another look at the layout of your room. Is there an obvious way that you can increase the height of your furniture? Floor savers works wonders for this. Do you have an area rug that’s decreasing the amount of height between the floor and a chair or couch? Try removing it and putting it into a different area.

If you’re not able to extend the height of the spots Roomba is getting stuck under, or move rugs and other obstacles your last resort is going to be to modify Roomba’s bumper. Don’t worry, it’s really simple and will only cost you around $20. You can get an entire kit at Robot Addons here. Please note that I have no affiliation to this site, I just know that they have a good reputation for home robotics items.

Here’s a video of a modified Roomba that no longer gets stuck under furniture:

Other Considerations

Is your Roomba flashing or beeping error codes at you when it’s getting stuck? If so, definitely check out my post on Roomba Error Codes. You may be experiencing a different problem.

So maybe you’re thinking about buying something other than a Roomba to try that out? That just might work, as different brands of bots come in different shapes and sizes. Although Roomba is still my favorite, The best alternative to Roomba at this time in my opinion is the Neato Botvac. I like the D80 model (the Botvac connected is a little too expensive for me for the features). If you click my button you’ll get the best possible price on the D80 at Amazon.

Botvac D80 Best Price

I hope this solved your problem! If you have anything else to add, please use the comment box, and if it was helpful please share on your favorite social media network. Thanks!


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