Help! My Roomba keeps getting stuck

What to do if your Roomba keeps getting stuck

Roomba is designed to zoom around and under things and while this works perfectly for the vast majority of people, sometimes your Roomba gets stuck no matter what you try to do to fix the problem. If you want to get your Roomba out of the La Brea Tarpits, read on…

The Problem

For the vast majority of people, a Roomba is the perfect size to either flow under and around furniture, cabinets, and other household items, or avoid them completely. But sometimes the furniture or cabinetry in your house is the perfect size for Roomba to get wedged underneath. Last thing you want to see when you come home is a dirty floor and a sad looking Roomba wedged underneath your favorite chair! Another issue is that Roomba can get stuck on a shaggy rug or heater vents.

Why it happens

Roombas have a bumper sensor that can tell when it hits something. The bumper sensor will tell Roomba to avoid that obstacle, but there are times that the sensor isn’t activated and Roomba will continue along under a tightly fitting ledge or furniture piece, and it just so happens that the height is just perfect (or imperfect if you’re feeling negative) enough to NOT activate the bumper sensor, and wedge Roomba in a spot that makes it stuck there.  This problem is fixable, read on for the solution.

The other way that Roomba gets stuck is on something like a shaggy carpet or a heater vents. If this happens you might have to either live without your Roomba in that area, or replace the rug. Heater vents can also be replaced with ones that are less “bumpy”. Check your local hardware store for a variety of heater vent replacements.


The easiest fix is to take another look at the layout of your room. Is there an obvious way that you can increase the height of your furniture? Floor savers works wonders for this. Do you have an area rug that’s decreasing the amount of height between the floor and a chair or couch? Try removing it and putting it into a different area.

My absolute favorite, and easiest solution for my Roomba getting stuck under my couch, sofa, or chair is to pick up a pack of furniture risers. These furniture risers are only $10-20 and available at Amazon or your local hardware store.

Check out Furniture Risers here
If you’re not able to extend the height of the spots Roomba is getting stuck under, or move rugs and other obstacles your last resort is going to be to modify Roomba’s bumper. Don’t worry, it’s really simple and will only cost you around $20. You can get an entire kit at Robot Addons here. Please note that I have no affiliation to this site, I just know that they have a good reputation for home robotics items.

Here’s a video of a modified Roomba that no longer gets stuck under furniture:

Other Considerations

Is your Roomba flashing or beeping error codes at you when it’s getting stuck? If so, definitely check out my post on Roomba Error Codes. You may be experiencing a different problem.

Sometimes trying out a different type of robotic vacuum can solve the problem, as different brands of bots come in different shapes and sizes. Although Roomba is still my favorite, The best alternative to Roomba at this time in my opinion is the ILife a6. The a6 is a neat little bot at a really great price. I’ve been recommending them more and more lately. If you click my button you’ll get the best possible price on the ILife a6 at Amazon.

ILife a6 Best Price

I hope this solved your problem! If you have anything else to add, please use the comment box, and if it was helpful please share on your favorite social media network. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “Help! My Roomba keeps getting stuck”

  1. I’m looking for tips about robot getting over door step. Any advice to share and / or store that sell equipment helping robot to get over it? 🙂

  2. My rooba is getting stuck everywhere now.. We have had it for 3 years.
    On my area rug that has no pile the edge of the area rug. And to my surprise on the wall and the floor. It just goes back and forth in one spot.
    When we first got it ,it wasn’t like this. Do you think we need a new one?
    Does the gadget you mentioned for low furniture. Would it help this problem?
    Thanks Sandra

    • Hi Sandra,

      It seem like your Roomba’s motor could be getting worn out. 3-5 years is a pretty typical lifespan for a robotic vacuum, maybe even slightly less if it’s running all of the time.

      I don’t think that low furniture seems to be the issue in your case. Before you do anything I would call iRobot customer service at 1-800-727-9077. They may have a suggestion for something to try before you call it quits on your old Roomba.

      Good luck!

  3. My Roomba 770 is getting stuck on the floor vents. I have researched this problem and a lot of Roomba owners seem to have the same problem. I’ve had it for 3 years and it used to work like a champ. I’ve cleaned the entire thing – it’s surprising how much crap you find in and around the fan! – and now I’ll try covering up the sensors as a last-ditch effort. I have a message in to the Roomba techs, but if anyone has any other ideas in the meantime, I would greatly appreciate it!

  4. I had to buy new wheels for my “old boy” and now he doesn’t get stuck on anything! To keep him from going under the furniture, tape a couple popsicle sticks to the sides where there are no sensors – presto! No more stuck under the furniture!

    • Hi Bonnie,

      The popsicle sticks are a great idea! Way to improvise 🙂
      I’ve been using furniture risers because I have hardwood floors, and they’ve been working great.

  5. Roomba Rock Socks! My Roomba gets stuck under the center bed supports, which have sloping braces. I got some clean garden rocks and put them inside old large socks. I pushed a couple rock socks against the low parts of each support. This is on a medium pile carpet. The rock socks act as a barrier to keep the Roomba from getting wedged under the bed supports.

  6. My Roomba likes to go under a chair and pulls on the electrical wires that connect to my power chair, my computer and my lamp. It drags the wires until some detach. Every try to get out of power recliner when the footrest is being used and the power wire is unplugged? Not nice when you are 80 yrs. old.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Lots of people have had success with furniture risers that you can stick underneath the legs of your new furniture. That’s what I would try first.

  7. I got the Rhoomba S9+ three months ago, at first it did an ok job, but now every day when it runs it gets stuck on nothing! If it hits the bathroom door it will say stuck, if it hits a chair it will say stuck. I have done the reset and it keeps doing it. Very very disappointing for the amount of money we spent, and the manual is useless.


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