Help! My Roomba got wet!

Help! My Roomba got wet!

So, you’re probably not going to tell me HOW your Roomba got wet, but It’s a well known fact that iRobot does NOT want moisture anywhere near a Roomba. If it gets a little wet it’s probably not a huge issue, but is there anything you can do if it gets really wet? This is my second in my “Help!” series of Roomba gets wetblog posts about common robotic vacuum problems and what the best solutions are.


First things first, if your Roomba is just a little wet, there’s no reason to panic. Take out the battery pack and let it dry out for a while before turning it back on. I would let it sit for a few days to be on the safe side, and if you’re REALLY serious you could try the box of rice trick. It’s a pretty well known trick, to revive wet electronics by submerging them in rice. The rice soaks up the moisture and keeps things from going too crazy.


If your Roomba happens to hit a wet spot on your floor, this is what you should do:

  • Shut it off
  • Remove the battery pack
  • Remove the brushes and filter
  • Take off the waste bin
  • Clean and dry EVERYTHING.
  • After thoroughly drying with a cloth, let it air dry for a few hours, then reassemble it and try to charge it.
  • Be more careful next time


But…. My Roomba is SERIOUSLY wet!

Wet Roomba - Rice trickSometimes there will be something like a plumbing accident or a leaky diswasher that happens when you’re not around. Th
is can cause Roomba to suck up a LOT of water and die. Don’t assume that the Roomba is dead, though… Take it all apart like the instructions in the previous paragraph. The very first thing you should do is remove the battery. Try drying all of the parts out in the sun, use the Rice trick, and give it a few days to a week of drying time until you attempt to charge again.

If that doesn’t work, if you’re lucky, your Roomba is under warranty. If you’re really unlucky it’s not, and you’re going to have to replace some parts. For most people that’s not an option, or it’s nearly as expensive as buying new. If this is you, right now Amazon has a pretty sweet deal on new Roombas. Click here for an awesome discount on a new Roomba.

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