What’s the best Roomba for pet hair?

When pet hair attacks! Which is the best Roomba for pet hair?

Pet hair can be one of the hardest things to get out of your carpet. Especially for a smaller vacuum like the iRobot Roomba. If you have pets and you want clean floors I bet you’re confused about what the best Roomba for pet hair is, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. iRobot offers a ton of choices of Roomba that removes pet hair, but some are WAY better than the others at cleaning pet which is the best roomba for pet hair?hair out of your carpets.

I’m comparing all of the “Official Roomba for Pet Hair” models, plus the Roomba 980, since it’s the newest and “best” model, and it handles pet hair extremely well. Read through all of the mini-reviews, or just scroll down to the end to see which Roomba model that I think is the best for pet hair.


Roomba 650

This is the entry level Roomba, currently the most economical out of all of the choices. Economical doesn’t mean bad at all, as this Roomba is the most popular one on Amazon, due to it’s cheap price, and the iRobot brand rep of Roomba is undeniably good. This one is getting a little out of date, but even though it’s older tech it still really gets the job done.

Buyers of the Roomba 650 report that even with many cats or a few dogs, the Roomba 650 does a really great job on hardwood and tile floors. You’ll see an immediate difference on hardwood and tile. On carpet, the reviews are mixed. Some people say that it’s “OK” While others say “Good” to “Very good”.

If you’re looking to get a Roomba, but want to save money and don’t care as much about newer tech, or can live some small spots of pet hair on your carpet, this is the Roomba for you

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Roomba 770

The 770 is another low cost robotic vacuum, which is in the running as one of the best Roomba for pet hair. The 770 is similar to the 650 in features, but in my opinion it looks a lot nicer. The 770 is definitely sexier than the 650 but let’s be real here… We’re buying a vacuum and we don’t care about it’s looks as much as how it performs since with proper scheduling we’re not going to see it that much. The 770 can detect when it’s dirt bin is full, which is a nice feature. You won’t have to check manually as often.

If you have allergies, you’re going to want to choose the 770 over the 650 as it has a HEPA filter, otherwise the 650 is a better value for your money.

My rule for a budget Roomba is 770 for allergy sufferers and 650 for those who don’t have allergies.

More 770 reviews HereĀ 


Roomba 870

The Roomba 870 is a step up from the budget models… The 870 and 880 were top of the line a couple of years ago before the 980 hit the market. The 870 is $100 cheaper than the 880 because it doesn’t come with the virtual lighthouse, which helps guide the Roomba from room to room while cleaning. If you’re looking for a top of the line Roomba experience and want to save around $100, you should consider this model.

The appearance is slightly different to the 880 as well… Some people prefer the 870’s look to the 880’s look but I like the darker colors of the 880 myself.

The 870 is the best Roomba for pet hair for those who are thinking about buying the 880 and want to save some money, as I mentioned before it’s a hundred bucks cheaper and it’s the same robot basically without the lighthouse functionality. This Roomba will suck the pet hair out of your carpets pretty well. It’s better than the budget 650 and 770, while not quite as good as the top of the line 980. It will get your carpets clean while simply dominating the pet hair on your hardwood floors. This is a great robot and a good price. Click my button below if you want to see the best price at Amazon.

Best price on the 870


Roomba 880

As I mentioned earlier the 880 and the 870 are VERY similar in features. This one has the lighthouse feature, which guides Roomba from room to room. When it’s finished cleaning one room, it detects the infrared beam from the lighthouse and moves on to that room. A pretty cool feature if you need multi room cleaning. This Roomba looks a lot nicer to me also, but it’s $100 more than the 870.

It’s great with pet hair and your floors will be super clean with this model. I would choose this Roomba if you need multi room cleaning, but don’t need a smartphone app to control everything. You won’t be sorry you picked this one, as it’s a really great choice and will keep your house relatively free of pet hair.

More Roomba 880 Reviews


Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 is really the Mother of all robotic vacuums. It is, in my opinion the very best Roomba (and robotic vacuum) on the market right now. There are so many features on the 980 that I’m going to have to write another blog post to explain them all, but let’s cut to the chase here…. The 980 is REALLY good on pet hair, and the new “carpet boost” feature makes it even better. It has every feature that the other models on this page have, plus the ability to control via the smart phone app, plus carpet boost technology. Carpet boost makes this Roomba the best for pet hair.

It’s expensive, which is the only drawback to buying this model. If you have a pet hair problem and this model is within your budget, I would buy this Roomba right away! It’s an awesome robot and you’ll be glad that you did. Click my Amazon button below to get the best deal possible on this Roomba, and it helps with the price issue.

Best price on Roomba 980

In conclusion

What *is* the best Roomba for pet hair? I’ve done the research on all of them and I believe that if you have the means, you should buy the Roomba 980. The carpet boost feature really makes it the best roomba for pet hair that you can buy.

My Top Picks categorized by Price are:

Budget: Roomba 650 (770 for allergy sufferers)

Mid Range: Roomba 880

Top Tier: Roomba 980


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