Help! My Roomba goes in circles!

What to do if your Roomba just goes in circles.

Roomba goes in circles

No, your Roomba doesn’t have a mind of it’s own, nor is it tipsy from having too much to drink. When your roomba goes in circles you might think it’s broken, or think it’s going crazy! Ok, so it might not be going crazy but it could be broken… If you want to find out more, read on…

I’m a pretty regular reader and contributor over at the robot reviews forums and this problem comes up very often. It’s not happened to me yet but it’s happened to so many people, and I’ve read so much about it that I feel that a blog post is warranted.

Usually this happens to older Roomba models, mostly the 500 series. The 500 series is really old, and if this is what you have, you should think about buying a new Roomba. The 600 series is pretty economical, and doesn’t have this issue as often as the 500 series Roomba. The Amazon link below has the best price you can find anywhere on a new Roomba, so if you’re interested in a great deal, definitely click that button!

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When your Roomba goes in circles it is always one of 2 problems….

A bumper sensor, or a wheel issue.

If it’s the bumper sensor, you’ll get an error code of 9 beeps, and if it’s the wheel you might get the wheel stuck error code (5 beeps), or nothing. I’ve got a list of error codes right here. if you’re having another problem, definitely check that out, it will be helpful to you.

How to fix Error 9 (bumper sensor): First thing I would try is giving Roomba’s bumper a nice solid whack. Not too hard, not not too soft either. This helps dislodge some of the dirt that might be fouling up the bumper sensor. Give the Roomba a thorough cleaning afterward, and try again. Sometimes this solves the issue.

Try again and if your Roomba goes in circles afterward, you should spray compressed air between the bumper and chassis of your Roomba. 

If the compressed air trick doesn’t work and you’re still under warranty, you should contact iRobot support. Tou probably have bad bumper and/or cliff sensors. If you’re not under warranty, you can try ordering a Roomba Repair Kit. You have to be handy with electronics, though.

If your wheel is stuck, try compressed air on the wheels. This may work, or may not… I also have a video for the side wheel problem on my error code page.

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1 thought on “Help! My Roomba goes in circles!”

  1. I pulled the screws holding the bumper on, pulled the bumper out. There’s a set of eires attached to the sensor on top of the unit, so be careful
    Pulled the bumper out and cleaned all down inside. Making sure the beeper sensors work properly. There’s four of them, two metal arm ones and two smaller rubber ones. Put bumper back on, works great. Be aware this may end your warranty if still have one


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