Roomba Error Codes. What to do when you encounter them

Roomba error codes and what to do about them.

Nobody likes it when an expensive piece of equipment fails – Especially one that has the important job of keeping your floorsclean like the Roomba. Fortunately not all error codes are a big deal, and I’ll show you what you need to know to fix them. A lot of the time you won’t have to replace any parts or put any money into your RoombaRoomba Error Codes


 Common Roomba error codes

Roomba will tell you if there’s an error by sounding a two tone alert, that sounds like uh-oh. Immediately following the alert tone there will be an a series of beeps or a voice explaining the error.

Error 1 – 1 Beep

Roomba’s wheels are stuck. Check to see if there’s something caught in the wheel, move Roomba to a new location then start it. Most people find that making sure the wheels are gunk-free then picking it up, putting it back down and restarting fixes the issue.

Error 2 – 2 beeps

There’s something blocking the Roomba’s brushes. These can get dirty fast depending on how much hair you have on your carpets, especially if you have ladies in the house with longer hair.  Learn how to clean the brushes here

Error 5 – 5 Beeps

Not to be confused with the common charging error 5. This means that the side wheel is stuck.

Here’s a nice video explaining how to clean this Roomba error code

Error 6 – 6 Beeps

Roomba’s cliff sensors are going haywire. Your Roomba is probably not dangling off a cliff and the sensors are just dirty. Wipe them off with a cloth.

Error 9 – 9 beeps

This means that Roomba’s bumper is dirty or compressed. Just give Roomba a good solid tap on the bumper (sides) a few times and it usually clears this error.

Error 10 – 10 Beeps

Roomba’s side wheels are dirty. Spin them briskly, tap them to loosen any dirt that’s been accumulating in them and try again. repeat this a few times and the error should clear itself up.

Error 11 – 11 beeps.

No voice message will accompany this error. This is usually a serious problem, a side wheel may be stuck (or the motor in the side wheel might be having issues). Or a bumper sensor is on the fritz. This one’s worth calling iRobot customer service over because it’s not usually an easy fix and has proven to be tough to troubleshoot.

Roomba error codes related to charging

Charging error codes are different than the standard mechanical Roomba error codes. Here’s what to do when you encounter a charging error code:

Err1 – 1 Blink

Ensure that your battery is seated properly. This means that there’s not a battery connection. Try cleaning the battery contacts with a soft cloth, and if your Roomba is old you can try bending out the contacts with a pen in order to make better contact with the battery. The contact fix process is described here

Err2 – 2 Blinks

This happens when your Roomba detects an unusual level of electric current. This usually means that Roomba is dead unfortunately, but some people have had success in replacing the power supply. If your Roomba is old and out of warranty it may be worth a shot.

Err3 – 3 Blinks

Similar to Err 2, but a new power supply, according to my research and experience will not have a chance at saving your Roomba. This one’s bad! Fix under warranty or find a good deal on a new Roomba here

Err5 – 5 Blinks

I have an entire article dedicated to this error. Probably, in my experience the most common one.

Err6 – 6 Blinks

The battery is overheated. Wait at least an hour, and try to charge Roomba in a cooler environment.

Err7 – 7 Blinks

Pretty much the same thing as 6, except that instead of the battery being overheated this one means that the battery isn’t cooling down fast enough. Again, the fix is to unplug Roomba for a while and try to charge in a cooler environment.

I hope that some explanation of these Roomba error codes has helped you a little. There’s also information on iRobot support site, if you need it. Feel free to check out some of my other articles and click the share buttons to share this on Facebook or twitter.

10 thoughts on “Roomba Error Codes. What to do when you encounter them”

  1. I had error 3 coming up on our Roomba. tried all the fixes. Bending contacts, cleaning battery points, etc. Seeing that it needed to be replaced, in the IRobot website, made me upset. I took the battery to “Battery World”, and they fully charged the battery, and checked the charger. Tech, said the charger wouldn’t charge it, as it was reading too low. ( computers think they are too smart, sometimes.) I brought it home, installed the battery, and turned it on, got nothing, so I put it on the charging station, and it charged fully in a few minutes, with no error 3. It just finished its’ 3rd charge, and 3rd, 500 ft sq. of cleaning, and is back on the charger. Hope this gives hope to others.

  2. I have 12h on my roomba. I had to clean it from it running over cat poop. I even dried it with canned air and a little heat. So idk what it is.

    • Hi Brianna,

      The flashing 12H is in reference to your clock settings. 12H means 12 hour clock format, and 24H means 24 hour format. While driving over any kind of pet doo doo can mean certain death to a roomba, I think yours may be ok. Try going through the setup process again according to your user manual.

  3. My roomba 655 continues to say beeps once “error code 6: move roomba to a new location a press clean”, even after moving to a new location, cleaning sensors, removing battery overnight, everything I could think of..

    When I activate it, it immediately beeps and says the same message. It will not clean.

    Any ideas or solutions are greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

  4. Hello robotic Vacs

    My roomba 805 shows on the screen the message COdE, after searching the internet the only reference I find is on the Irobot page and it says something like …. “If the Roomba 800 series display reads” CODE, “please contact iRobot Customer Care ”

    The problem is that I am in a small country and I do not have a dealer nearby. Is it possible to repair it by myself or should I definitely go to a service center?

    Thanks for your help.

  5. Hi, we have an 805. Error code two. we cleaned all parts and wheels and followed ALL instructions, and we still get error code two and it won’t run more than 30 seconds. What can we do?

  6. Hi
    we have a brand new roomba 805 with an error code 1 that won’t clear. It thinks the wheel is stuck in a down position but its not. Any ideas? Thanks very much!

  7. Hi, i have a roomba 620. i have a wheel problem. the roomba walks in circles and i notice that one wheel doesnt run very well in one direction ( i mean the wheel goes foward but it doesn t go backwards) but when i disconnect the wheel from the roomba its runs well. it only blocks when i connect the part that gives information to the wheel.



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