Is a Roomba Worth It?

Question: Is a Roomba Worth It?Is a Roomba Worth It?

You have probably seen all of the commercials and youtube videos and you’re wondering… Is a Roomba worth it? I won’t lie, it’s a really big investment for some people and a Roomba is not right for every person out there.

Other than picturing yourself with a cool new toy, let’s ponder a few things to help you decide for yourself whether a Roomba is worth the money.

Let’s look at some of the opinions of real customers who have bought Roomba. At the time of this writing, the most popular Roomba model is the Roomba 770. There are almost 2,000 reviews on this model alone, and over 67% give the model a 5 star rating. Some of the reviewers wonder if they could have ever lived without it! Some of the naysayers don’t like the Roomba because it doesn’t work well with their living space (Lots of hardwood floors and area rugs).

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Roomba Pros

Once you have a robotic vacuum like the Roomba, you set it up and let it clean your floors, then you just spot clean. Not having to deep clean all of the time is a HUGE plus in my opinion.

It’s a fun gadget to have

People who are not all about cleaning can still impress guests

It saves a lot of time, and time is a very valuable thing. If you don’t enjoy cleaning, then it could be worth the price to you.

Let’s face it, robots are cool, especially cleaning robots. People see you have a Roomba and it looks very high tech. Then they want one too!

Roomba Cons

They’re expensive (but how much is your time worth?)

They can be loud so you’ll have to schedule them to run while you’re away. If you’re always at home (you have kids at home or a home business, the noise certainly can be an issue). They’re no quieter than a standard vacuum.

Roombas can’t clean stairs, so you’ll still have to vacuum those. Or they can’t mop. Although there is a mopping robot that you can buy that will mop your floors. We truly live in the future!

Roomba’s also can’t clean corners. The Neato Botvac can, but the Roomba can’t.

Roombas are battery powered, and the batteries do need to be replaced after a long time of continuous use. The batteries usually do last a very long time but it’s something to be aware of. This adds to the cost of ownership.

Other Considerations

To answer the question of is a Roomba worth it or not to you, there are other considerations to ponder as well. One is that your new Roomba won’t replace your regular vacuum cleaner. It will supplement it. Yes, you won’t have to vacuum your floors every day, and yeah, your floors will be very clean, much more so than most people’s, but there’s no way around having to deep clean once and a while.

If you have a pet, and the pet leaves a mess, Roombas have been known to smear it all over the floor. Yes, pets should be cleaned up after but sometimes there are accidents, and when the roomba meets dog poop or another kind of pet mess, it ain’t pretty!

If you’re a person who likes to keep up with the latest gadgets, having a robotic vacuum is a huge plus for a high tech lifestyle. It would be a perfect complement to wifi enabled light bulbs, connected thermostats and even Amazon Echos.

So, back to the original question: “Is a Roomba worth it?”…. My answer is a definite “Yes”. I love having a clean house without having to vacuum. The convenience of it and the fun factor are massive for me, and make me love the Roomba.

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