Roomba Error 5

Roomba Error 5

Roomba Error 5So you’ve had your robot for a while and it’s been happily doing it’s job cleaning your house, and everything is awesome until…. “ERR5”, or “Charging error 5” comes up, and the Roomba’s troubleshooting light blinks 5 times.

Before you freak out, don’t worry, this can be fixed! Whatever you do, don’t kick your Roomba or throw it across the room like a flying disc.

Most of the time it’s a pretty easy fix.


Step 1

Make sure that you have completely removed the yellow battery pull tab that’s there for shipping the battery. This is to protect the battery while shipping and not meant to stay on the robot while you’re using it. If you forgot to take it off, take it off. Your Roomba will charge.

Step 2

If you read your users manual and took the yellow pull tab off the battery, most likely the contacts of your battery are dirty. Go ahead and wipe them clean with a soft cloth, and try charging again.

See this article to find where your battery contacts are.

Step 3

If your unit is old, sometimes contacts can get corroded, especially if you’re in a humid environment. This is not in the users manual, and you should check if it’ll void your warranty, but good old steel wool works wonders on bad contacts.

Step 4

Check the contacts on your dock as well. Those can become dirty. Try cleaning them with a soft cloth, and the contacts on the Roomba where it connects to the dock. Another common problem is that the docking contact can get stuck in it’s pushed back state. There are springs behind the contacts in the Roomba, that when pushed out, can make a good connection with the charger again. Some have had luck removing the floor scuff rubber bumpers and the screws underneath to get access to the contact springs. Stretch them out, and they push the contacts back into position again. This should NOT be attempted unless your Roomba is no longer under warranty and you’re good at making minor repairs.

If none of the above works, and you’re still getting Roomba error 5, then you should call iRobot support.

6 thoughts on “Roomba Error 5”

  1. Roomba 650 error 5. We’ve checked the battery and all the contacts as described above. But still gives the error 5 message. Do we need to replace the battery? Or any suggestions?

    • I have been getting this error and finally my battery was dead. So I ordered a replacement and I thought everything was going to be good now. Sadly I got the same error.=\ I was thinking it was the charging dock itself. I’ll have to check my contacts more closely. They looked fine when I glanced at them before.

      • Calling the tech support line is very helpful. My Roomba charging dock died. When I had called about it, the tech had me go through some steps to pinpoint what the problem was for sure and we discovered the dock had died (after many years). My new dock arrived quick enough and all works great now! In my Roomba 870’s lifetime, I have replaced the battery once and the dock once.

  2. Bought a 655 December 2018 for Christmas. Worked great, we were impressed! Put it up for visiting Grandkids in late April 2019. Has not worked since. Replaced batteries twice. One aftermarket, one from Irobot. Still does not work. Irobot was helpful in asking me to spend more money. They claim it was new in 2015. They are of no more help unless I spend more money. To me they are refusing to stand by their product. 4 months of use, 2 times a week, that is 32 uses at a cost of about $350.00. How many people would spend this much for vacuuming?


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