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Is a robotic vacuum right for me?

Robotic Vacuum

Even if you’re new to home automation, you probably know what a robotic vacuum is and are wondering if they’re right for you and worth your hard earned money. When it comes to purchasing a robotic vacuum there are a lot of options out there and it’s easy to get confused when trying to match up the features. Believe me, I know! I’ve gone through all of the newer robotic vacuum cleaner brands and models, did the research so that you don’t have to.

Are you looking for an easy way to touch up your carpets when you’re not around? Believe me, it’s a great feeling to come home from work to see that most of your cleaning is done. People are getting busier and busier these days and having a helper is a big boost to your quality of life.

There are a few different brands of robotic vacuum cleaners and within those brands there are a few different models. I’m confident that I can help you find a robotic vacuum that fits your budget and has the features that you want. The brands that I recommend the most in 2018 are iRobot (Roomba), ILife, Ecovacs, and Eufy. Some of the brands I’ve recommended in the past are Bobsweep and Neato but those have fallen out of favor with me because they’re not making as many new models.

iRobot Roomba

If you’re thinking about getting an iRobot Roomba, and having having trouble deciding, be sure to check out my Which Roomba to Buy post first. If you’re interested in a Roomba Alternative, I have a post for that as well. In my Roomba model comparison article, I compare all the top Roomba models for 2018. If know that you want a Roomba, that article is a must read.


ILife is not as recognizable a brand as Roomba, but they’re great robotic vacuums. They’re generally lower priced, which makes them wonderful for people on a budget, and most of their vacuum models do a great job. In my ILife model comparison article, I compare the top selling models of ILife robotic vacuum. If you want to see how an ILife vacuum compares to a Roomba, check out my ILife Vs. Roomba article.

Robotic Vacs Top 5 Picks

I’ve reviewed all of the major robotic vacuums and here are my top 5 robotic vacuum picks. I’ve taken into consideration price, convenience, features, reliability, and longevity to bring you the ultimate top 5 list of robotic vacuums. If you buy one of these vacuums, you simply can’t go wrong here. If you don’t have time to read my robotic vacuum guides, you should definitely consider one of these. I’ve chosen each one based on reliability, functionality, and getting the most bang for your buck


110 minute battery life, smartphone controls, and great price.

This is the most featureful bot for those on a tight budget.

Best Price Here

iRobot Roomba 960
This is my favorite Roomba for the price. It's great for pet and allergy sufferers.

This Roomba is compatible with Amazon Alexa, which makes it a great choice for those with an Amazon Echo!

Best Price Here


This no frills robotic vacuum does not have much in the way of features, but for it's extremely low price you get a LOT.

The reason it's in my top 5 is because it has a 1.5 hour runtime, which is amazing considering the price.

This is the bot you want if you need to clean a small room or a smaller apartment

Best Price Here


ILife A4S
The ILife A4S is a powerhouse at a medium price point.

I'm most impressed by it's powerful suction 140 minute runtime and tangle free brushes. Oh, and it looks pretty nice too!

Best Price Here

Last but not least is the eufy RoboVac 11+.

What I like about this robotic vacuum is it's "power boost" feature, which is something you do not find on robotic vacuums at this price.

Best Price Here

When not to buy a robotic vacuum

After reading the above text about why you should buy a robotic vacuum you might be tempted to just purchase one from my top 5 pick list right now! Even though buying one now seems like the right thing to do, it’s only fair to say that robotic vacuums are not for everybody.

Some people love new gadgets but if you’re not aware of the downsides to owning a robotic vacuum and you might be unhappy with your purchase if you rush into it.

Here are the top complaints that I hear about robotic vacuums:


Robotic Vacuums require regular maintenance, like cleaning off dust, emptying dust bins, and occasionally changing the moving parts like rollers, bumpers and brushes. Some robotic vacuums require that you pull hair out of the main brush often. Newer models come with tangle-free brushes which take away the pain of this type of maintenance. I recommend paying a little more for a Roomba or ILife model that has the tangle-free brush option.

Room Layout

The way that you have your furniture set up, carpet types, carpet thresholds, and the general layout of your rooms need to be considered when you’re thinking about buying a robotic vacuum. Sometimes the robots can get stuck under furniture or bounce off of dining room table legs. If you have a black carpet, you won’t be able to use a Roomba because the carpet confuses it’s sensors.

Robotic Vacuum users usually have to spend a bit of time tweaking their living space to be robot friendly. Lots of people just want to pull the vacuum out of the box and have it work without any setup. If you see yourself as one of those types, then a robotic vacuum might not be for you.


One more thing to consider when deciding if you want to buy a robotic vacuum is pet ownership and the things that comes with it. Pet hair can be hard for many vacuums to deal with and you’ll end up spending a fair bit more for a vacuum that does a great job picking up your pet’s hair. Also the possibility exists of your pet having an accident and having the robotic vacuum smear it all over your house.

If your pets have accidents often or you don’t have a little extra in your budget to buy a more expensive vacuum, a robotic vacuum might not be for you.

Now that you know the pros and cons of buying a robotic vacuum, feel free to check out some of the articles on my site. You should start with the main categories on the right-hand side if you’re looking for information on a specific brand of vacuum. If you’re looking for general information, start with the tips and tricks category.